Introduction to Greek Mythology

The creation of the universe started with Chaos (emptiness, shapeless, full with dark energy) which somehow started to give birth to 5 deities which are:

  • Gaia The Earth
  • Tartarus Deity & one of the realms within the Underworld
  • Eros God of passionate sexual desire AKA Cupid in Roman mythology) *( in later sources, Eros is the son of Aphrodite and Ares)
  • Erebus Darkness that cover the underworld
  • Night Darkness that cover the Earth

Erebus and Night gave birth to Aether (the air of the gods in which they breathe). Gaia produced Uranus (the sky, the son and husband of Gaia) by herself. First, Gaia and Uranus first offsprings were monsters including hecatoncheires (Cottus, Briareos and Gyges) and  cyclopes (Brontes, Steropes and Arges) Then, Gaia and Uranus produced the first generation of titians which were:

  • Oceanus God of all the salt water on earth (husband/brother to Tethys)
  • Tethys Goddess of all the fresh water on earth (wife/sister of Oceanus)
  • Hyperion God of the light (husband/brother to Theia)
  • Theia Goddess of shining (wife/sister to Hyperion)
  • Themis Goddess of divine law and order (Zeus second wife)
  • Rhea Goddess fertility and motherhood (wife/sister to Cronus)
  • Mnemosyne Goddess of Memory and remembrance (affair with Zeus lead to birthing 9 Muses)
  • Iapetus God of mortal life (husband/ uncle to Clymene (one of the Oceanides and is a daughter of Tethys and Oceanus)
  • Coeus God of intelligence and farsight (husband/brother to Phoebe)
  • Phoebe Goddess of prophetic radiance (wife/sister to Coeus)
  • Crius God of heavenly constellations
  • Cronos God of time and the ages (King of the Titians, husband/brother to Rhea)