Final Blog Post Submission

The semester has come to an end, and sadly, I will miss CT101 because of the flexibility of choices I get to choose in regards to expressing your kind of creativity and the comfortability of the class in regards to the classwork, the professor, and colleagues. This class was relaxing compared to my other stressful classes and is one of the reasons why I do not want this class to end even though it was a morning class. 

At the beginning of the semester, the first assignment was whats was making me happy on the internet. This assignment was the foundation in which I learn how to blog by including hyperlinks, images, and gifs using Giphy and Imgur. This is useful for any posting online where you want to engage your audience by expressing your thoughts through different content like gifs, images, hyperlinks, and videos. This is what we did in the second assignment, where we used gifs to create a story about our reaction to CT101. I enjoy the second assignment because the story heavily relies on the gifs that flow between each gif in expressing the thoughts and feelings rather than just heavily relying on the paragraphs like the other posts. My least favorite was tutorials because, honestly, I do not usually record my progress as the final result is my primary focus. My favorite part was creating gifs, but it was difficult to find specific scenes that will fit the emotions I wanted to express in the second assignment (The Reaction to CT101). For example, I choose to focus all my gifs on that assignment on the tv show called Futurama. It does not have many gifs on websites like Giphy, so I had to look at videos on youtube that will best fit in the post. However, many clips were not precisely what I was looking for, so it was time-consuming. 

I then had to use scenes that give the emotion I wanted figuratively. In the¬†assignment, you can see some of the gifs I created like the first gif, and the fifth gif did not visually convey the message literally but has the same emotion on how I was feeling. The¬†Are Memes Art?¬†assignment, I will say it is my favorite assignment out of all because it was opinion-based, and I love playing devil’s advocate to express both sides of a controversial topic. Also, creating memes was much easier than creating gifs because of its simplicity of just emphasizing on the words when using a¬†meme creator. Even without a meme creator, it is much easier to find an image to express an emotion then creating a gif from my experience. The Zine project retaught me how to use Photoshop since I have not used it for a while. I created multiple works, but every time I “upgrade” it, I felt that I will only consider one to be a finished project because it was simplistic yet figurative since most of the time, I tend to add a lot of details to a point it just cluster. Sometimes I need to tell myself less is more.¬†

I was not so invested in the CT 101 assignments. Honestly, I did not find it as interesting even though we were given options from the DS 106, which is the only assignment I did not do despite picking the two projects from that website.

It could be due to my stubborn attitude of not wanting to do something if I’m not really interested in it.

Overall, I was excited most for building my own the website as I get to customize and choose the topics I wanted to incorporate. It was much more individualistic, and that was something I was not able to entirely do using the Ct 101 website and the assignments. My website is something I will continue because it organizes my interests (since I have so many) easily and coherently compared to the many books I have with messy notes. The website is easy to use, and I can edit it easy if I made a mistake or want to transform the look or features of the site. The skills I learn from CT101 is useful for making side money, like doing a front end design of a website or doing creative projects using Photoshop. Also, blogging helps to expose yourself to an online presence so that people can follow your work, know who you are, and contact you are all essential when wanting to build a public identity so that anyone who has internet access can easily reach you. This enables others to be able to learn from you as well as you learning from yourself and others in the process. I think I deserve A- to A because I was constant in meeting the one blog post a week and was never absent. However, I do not believe I deserve A+ because I did the minimum when it came to the CT 101 assignments.

GIF the Portrait Project- Jack Frost

Original Image of Jack Frost


Photoshop Filters

Create GIF using Giphy

During class, the steps of creating GIF is done with Photoshop and Giphy. First, is uploading a portrait image in Photoshop. I choose the fictional character Jack Frost from the movie Rise of the Guardians. The cold weather of autumn reminds me of winter is approaching soon, and that is when I recall my childhood crush of Jack Frost (he is a personification of winter). Also, Jack Frost came to mind since Frozen 2 is coming out this month and being that there are many fan fiction of the relationship between Elsa and Jack as both share the same ice power. After I upload the photo in Photoshop, I click the hue/saturation filter and then click colorize and experiment with the hue, saturation, and lightness. I made the image blue to represent winter (snow, ice, cold, etc.) and black and white as neutral colors. Next, I experiment with different Photoshop filters. Lastly, I upload and rearrange the filter images onto Giphy. Then, I reduce the duration to .01 seconds and add the glitch filter. I found this project to be enjoyable, particularly experimenting with the difference gallery filters on Photoshop.

Are Memes Art?

Memes like Art, Is Subjective

Memes are not the first type of art that comes to mind when we consider art compare to famous artworks in museums. However, it can be art as it is a form of self-expression. This is express through not just the words, images, or video but also in the layout such as the position, font, colors, etc. This allows the creator to demonstrate their thoughts and emotions in an easy, yet effective and relatable manner, which is one of the reasons why memes are so popular. Memes take only seconds to read, understand, share, and sometimes have a good laugh. Memes are art in which connects the creator or/and the audience through emotions.

Memes simplistic nature, allows anyone to become a “memer” in promoting one’s creativity. An effort isn’t needed for something to be classified as art. A person who effortlessly creates their work can be art to someone else. This is why art is subjective to the audience or/and the creator.

Therefore, art is in the eye of the beholder, which is why it is a controversial topic. Anything can be art, including memes as long as it evokes an emotion(s). A meme can affect each person differently as one can find it relatable or/and humorous while another doesn’t. ¬†

Check out the Debate on the difference of opinion. Again, I agree with the meme above if it moves YOU it is art.