Reading Birth Chart (Part 2)

If you have not read Part 1 do so now before reading part 2 to give a general overview of the chart at first glance. As you saw in part 1 the birth chart is made up of 12 houses (for the 12 zodiac signs). Each sign is made up of 30 degrees that total up to 360 degrees in a whole circle. Below you will see the planets (yes the Sun and moon is consider “planets” in astrology, meaning a celestial body), degrees and the houses.

Below is a layout you can use to match your birth chart for example, I know my first house is in Scorpio because according to my chart from part 1 scorpio is located in the first house section, so this means the attributes of Scorpio is express through myself, first expressions, attitude, appearance ( note: the houses representation is in the chart below). First house is important in our physical appearance and how others see outwardly. This is also known as our ascendent/rising sign which is left of the horizon (as shown is the second image below). Your rising sign (aka ascendent sign ) is one of the 3 important parts of your overall personality. This is known as the public you. The Sun is another part of your overall personality and this is what many know based on their date of birth. This is our overall self. Lastly, the moon sign is the final part as it represents our inner needs, our emotions and what makes us feel secure. Please note: even though the big 3 (sun, moon and rising sign) shows an overall of your personality the planets show different aspects regarding different parts of your life. This is why the houses and other planets is just as important in knowing. Such as the midheaven when looking a career and the 7th house when looking about life partner and in addition to this there are aspects (square, trine, sextile, conjunction, etc.) is how each interact with one other will influence it as well. Yes, its a lot to take in, but this is why taking it part from part will help to understand the foundation so you are able to read the chart yourself as a whole rather than each individually.

Each sign combine with a house number represents the type of action and its effects.
Ascendent= the mask you wear in front of everyday people
Midheaven= life’s purpose, career ambition and public persona AKA Medium Coeli or MC / in the 10th house

Below shows the importance of each planet in detail and this affects our view in different aspects of life. An example, Mars (sex) and Venus (love) are the planets to look at to understand your love life as well moon plays a role, but we just focus on Mars and Venus in this instance. For the men the Venus sign tells us what type of qualities in a female he is attracted to, while his Mars is how he acts towards his love interest. For the women, Venus is how she need to be loved and how she acts towards her love interest, while her Mars is the the qualities of a man that turns her on. If a person is a Scorpio Sun that does not mean you will act intensely in your romantic relationships if one has their Venus in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a sign that takes seem light-hearted in relationships unlike if a person has a Venus in Scorpio (which is me) values the intensity of relationships, which is not most people cup of tea. Mars is another planet that tells us what we are attracted to, but is solely on sexual needs. Mars also tells us our course of action on how and what we direct our energy on. Also, one should look at the house of any sign and the sign corresponding to that sign. For example, if person A, sun in Scorpio in a 4th house will have a different energy than person B with a Sun in Scorpio than the 1st house (which I have). This is because 4th house is rules Cancer ( water sign ) which is focus on home and security as the moon (sensitive and emotional) is the ruler of Cancer while the 1st house is ruled by Aries (fire sign) which is all about one’s self and is ruled by Mars (aggressive planet compared to the moon). This is say both Scorpios will process their sun sign in a different way based on the house placement since you taking into account the house placement ruler of the sign and planet. If we are just focusing on the sun sign, person A their ego (Sun) is a sense of security while person B their ego is more self centered and can be more impatient than person A since Aries rules the 1st house. We can see Person B signs shares Mars and both Scorpio and Aries share the same planet which will make the person more “fiery” than a “normal” Scorpio while Person A has Mars from the sun in Scorpio like Person B, but also has the moon which is rules emotions.

There are 30 degrees in each sign, 0 is the start of a sign while 30 is the end of a sign as well as the minutes that follow afterward. In each of the 3o degrees degrees there are 3 decans. Critical degrees place in your chart has a higher importance in one’s chart. The last degree(29) of any sign is anaretic degree (critical) indicate it is weaker in that aspect compared to if it was in a sign that was 10 degrees for example. Also, it indicate that there will be some type of challenge. This is a period of transition where the sign is about to move into another sign and eventually take on the other sign later in life. Any sign at degree at 0 degrees is also consider a critical degree as it is starting a new beginning of the sign.

Other critical degrees are:

0, 13, and 26 degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn)

8-9 and 21-22 degrees of fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius); and

4 and 17 degrees of mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces).

Below is a video that goes more in depth.

Next, we will look at the calculation of your chart and discover the dominant element (water, fire, air or earth) , the dominant modality (fixed, mutable, and cardinal) , dominant sign and planet. (Part 3)

Reading Birth Chart (Part 3)

The inner planets consist of the Sun (sun in inner considered inner in astrology, even though its not a planet), Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. To use my chart as an example, the water element is dominant among my inner planets since I have Sun in Scorpio, Venus in Scorpio, and Jupiter in Pisces. The inner planets represent the individual identity and day to day. Jupiter changes every year while Saturn changes 2-3 years and theses planets are consider to be the social planets. The outer planets like Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto are how we relate to society on a larger scale and is considered generational. The outer planets move slow compared to the inner planets. Uranus takes 7-8 years, Neptune takes 12-13 years, and Pluto 11-32 years.

You can get this full report of all the calculations at Next, Click on click on Extended Chart Selection. Click on Guest Users and enter your data. Then, click on the section tab label Pullen/Astrolog. Select Chart Type as Simple Chart Delineation by Walter Pullen. Finally click the “Click here to show the chart” and then scroll all the way till you see a chart like the one above.

As you can see the chart and the overall report gives an in detail calculation of your chart. It displays the greatest influence by ranking it from 1 (the most influence) to 12 (least impact) on the planets as well as the signs. According to my chart, the Sun is rank the highest and has the biggest impact on me which if you remember from the introduction the Sun represents one’s self, ego , and personality. The Sun is my dominant planet. Think of the Leo traits as it is the sign that rules the Sun.

Now to look at the signs, according to my chart Scorpio is rank number 1 which means Scorpio its my dominant sign. This means I will be taking a lot of Scorpio traits. In my case my Sun Sign is my dominant sign. However, this is not always the case. You can also look at it as my dominant sign is Scorpio yet it does not correspond with my dominant planet the Sun as the Sun is ruled my Leo. Aries, will be my second highest followed by the third Aquarius.

Perviously, we talk about the dominant element in the inner planets, now we will look into the elements overall. As seen above my dominant element is fire, followed by water which is almost the same amount is percentage (just a 1.5 % difference). As stated in the introduction if your dominant is fire you will be impulsive, jovial, passionate, go-getter, etc. But, I will say in my case the water element plays a major role as well (as you can see from the chart very slight difference). If your water dominant your intuition and feelings rule over your mind and you will want deep connection in all aspects spiritually including your relationships .

Lastly, your dominant modality can either be fixed, mutable or cardinal. Based on my chart fixed is my dominant modality, followed by cardinal. This means I prefer stability, and can be stagnant, and unforgiving. My second dominant cardinal means wanting to initiate change. But, since its 15.6 % difference I won’t say it is a modality that best suits my everyday lifestyle. I agree that I am more fixed than any other of the other modality as I do not like sudden change than those who are mutable dominant who can adapt very easily. Overall, each of us have some parts of all sign, planet, and modality, but this chart will help you become aware of your which ones is most prominent and which ones are not by its ranking.

Reading Birth Chart (Part 1)

Since there are many components of a birth chart. I decide to break it into parts. I will use my chart as an example. Let first observe what we see in general not focusing on the details.

You can obtain your own natal chart wheel @
This chart shows what each symbol represents the importance of each symbol is cover in Part 2.

This may look intimidating but its not when you break it down. Let’s first look at the above example, which can be reference when interpreting yours. As you can see many of the planets are at the western hemisphere as well as many being at the bottom of the hemisphere. If you have majority of your planets are at the western hemisphere (like me) this shows you are more independent, individualistic, self motivated, leadership ability and more of a person who like to create their own destiny without the need of others. I will say this pretty accurate for me. On the other hand , if majority of your planets are at the eastern hemisphere that means you rather has someone else take the lead, somewhat dependent on others, adaptable, and centers around partnerships and friendships. Please note when reading the chart bottom hemisphere means North (below the horizon) and top hemisphere means Southern (above the horizon). But eastern and western is read normally as the compass direction. If you see that majority of your planets are at the bottom hemisphere like me, the Northern hemisphere you placed the important of privacy as highly important. You enjoy working alone, is self-focused and this suggests an introverted type of person (which again is accurate for me). On the other hand, if majority of your planets are at the top hemisphere (Southern hemisphere) , this suggest you place recognization for your work, value fame, love working with others, take part of public affairs and enjoy the spotlight (this suggests a extroverted person).

South= Social and public focused
East= Self starter
North=Private and self focused
West= Responsive to others but dependence on others to initiate

Now, the chart is divided into 4 quadrants. as shown below.

Looking at my chart, I can tell I have majority of my planets in the 1st quadrant which according to the image above I focus on me or another word will be self centered. As you can also see I have no planets in 3 quadrant. This overview of the chart gives a glimpse in one’s personality by showing the emphasis and the weakness of your chart as a whole. However, the the overall chart should be analyze before making the assumption.

This chart shows the overall layout of the quadrants, houses, and hemispheres.

Next we talk about the houses, degrees of each placement which consist of the critical degrees for example 0 degrees is a critical degree in my chart as my moon in Libra is 0 degrees, and what each planet purpose is in relation to certain aspects of your life. (Part 2)

Introduction to Western Astrology

I am no expert in astrology as I am still learning. I always found astrology to be intriguing. I not just talking about reading your daily horoscope, I never believe the accuracy of that. It was more like reading my birth chart and determining parts of my personality. Before I thought my sun sign (Scorpio) was the only part of my personality, which is why I had doubts because not every Scorpio is the same as I did share similarities but there were also distinct differences. As we all know personality is not simplistic. I still have some doubt as I know astrology isn’t 100% as other factors like environment plays a role in shaping us. When I watched youtube videos, there were comments about people’s moon sign, rising sign and other planets and my curiosity spark ever since then. What is that you may ask ? Well, our personality isn’t just our sun sign which is what we all know according to our birth date. Our personality is made up of the main 3 signs which is our sun, moon and rising sign. We will get to that much later when we go over how to read a birth chart, but for now I will go over the basics of how western astrology is calculate and the overview of the zodiac signs. If you are curious to have a summary of your birth chart free I recommend . This is one of the many websites that not only calculate your birth chart, but gives a summary of the aspects, houses and planets. It is important to know the exact time of birth for an accurate reading as signs change even if it is a 30 minutes off can change placements. Birth chart placements are determined by date of birth, time of birth and location of birth. My sun sign is Scorpio, moon sign Libra, and rising/ascendent sign is Scorpio.

Astrology is consider a pseudoscience. There are 2 types of astrology which are Western astrology (common in western countries like the USA) and Vedic astrology (common in eastern countries like India). The main difference between Western astrology and Vedic astrology is the system they use. Western astrology uses the tropical zodiac system which the signs are defined by the seasonal movement of the Sun. On the other hand, Vedic astrology uses sidereal system which is based upon the physical positions of the constellations in the sky. Your western sign can be different in your Vedic chart. This doesn’t mean Vedic astrology is inaccurate, in fact both types of astrology is consider valid. There are calculate differently, but has the same value. It depends on which you prefer. Personally, I prefer Western astrology.