Reading Birth Chart (Part 1)

Since there are many components of a birth chart. I decide to break it into parts. I will use my chart as an example. Let first observe what we see in general not focusing on the details.

You can obtain your own natal chart wheel @
This chart shows what each symbol represents the importance of each symbol is cover in Part 2.

This may look intimidating but its not when you break it down. Let’s first look at the above example, which can be reference when interpreting yours. As you can see many of the planets are at the western hemisphere as well as many being at the bottom of the hemisphere. If you have majority of your planets are at the western hemisphere (like me) this shows you are more independent, individualistic, self motivated, leadership ability and more of a person who like to create their own destiny without the need of others. I will say this pretty accurate for me. On the other hand , if majority of your planets are at the eastern hemisphere that means you rather has someone else take the lead, somewhat dependent on others, adaptable, and centers around partnerships and friendships. Please note when reading the chart bottom hemisphere means North (below the horizon) and top hemisphere means Southern (above the horizon). But eastern and western is read normally as the compass direction. If you see that majority of your planets are at the bottom hemisphere like me, the Northern hemisphere you placed the important of privacy as highly important. You enjoy working alone, is self-focused and this suggests an introverted type of person (which again is accurate for me). On the other hand, if majority of your planets are at the top hemisphere (Southern hemisphere) , this suggest you place recognization for your work, value fame, love working with others, take part of public affairs and enjoy the spotlight (this suggests a extroverted person).

South= Social and public focused
East= Self starter
North=Private and self focused
West= Responsive to others but dependence on others to initiate

Now, the chart is divided into 4 quadrants. as shown below.

Looking at my chart, I can tell I have majority of my planets in the 1st quadrant which according to the image above I focus on me or another word will be self centered. As you can also see I have no planets in 3 quadrant. This overview of the chart gives a glimpse in one’s personality by showing the emphasis and the weakness of your chart as a whole. However, the the overall chart should be analyze before making the assumption.

This chart shows the overall layout of the quadrants, houses, and hemispheres.

Next we talk about the houses, degrees of each placement which consist of the critical degrees for example 0 degrees is a critical degree in my chart as my moon in Libra is 0 degrees, and what each planet purpose is in relation to certain aspects of your life. (Part 2)

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