Introduction to Western Astrology

I am no expert in astrology as I am still learning. I always found astrology to be intriguing. I not just talking about reading your daily horoscope, I never believe the accuracy of that. It was more like reading my birth chart and determining parts of my personality. Before I thought my sun sign (Scorpio) was the only part of my personality, which is why I had doubts because not every Scorpio is the same as I did share similarities but there were also distinct differences. As we all know personality is not simplistic. I still have some doubt as I know astrology isn’t 100% as other factors like environment plays a role in shaping us. When I watched youtube videos, there were comments about people’s moon sign, rising sign and other planets and my curiosity spark ever since then. What is that you may ask ? Well, our personality isn’t just our sun sign which is what we all know according to our birth date. Our personality is made up of the main 3 signs which is our sun, moon and rising sign. We will get to that much later when we go over how to read a birth chart, but for now I will go over the basics of how western astrology is calculate and the overview of the zodiac signs. If you are curious to have a summary of your birth chart free I recommend . This is one of the many websites that not only calculate your birth chart, but gives a summary of the aspects, houses and planets. It is important to know the exact time of birth for an accurate reading as signs change even if it is a 30 minutes off can change placements. Birth chart placements are determined by date of birth, time of birth and location of birth. My sun sign is Scorpio, moon sign Libra, and rising/ascendent sign is Scorpio.

Astrology is consider a pseudoscience. There are 2 types of astrology which are Western astrology (common in western countries like the USA) and Vedic astrology (common in eastern countries like India). The main difference between Western astrology and Vedic astrology is the system they use. Western astrology uses the tropical zodiac system which the signs are defined by the seasonal movement of the Sun. On the other hand, Vedic astrology uses sidereal system which is based upon the physical positions of the constellations in the sky. Your western sign can be different in your Vedic chart. This doesn’t mean Vedic astrology is inaccurate, in fact both types of astrology is consider valid. There are calculate differently, but has the same value. It depends on which you prefer. Personally, I prefer Western astrology.

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