Reading Birth Chart (Part 3)

The inner planets consist of the Sun (sun in inner considered inner in astrology, even though its not a planet), Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. To use my chart as an example, the water element is dominant among my inner planets since I have Sun in Scorpio, Venus in Scorpio, and Jupiter in Pisces. The inner planets represent the individual identity and day to day. Jupiter changes every year while Saturn changes 2-3 years and theses planets are consider to be the social planets. The outer planets likeĀ Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto are how we relate to society on a larger scale and is considered generational. The outer planets move slow compared to the inner planets. UranusĀ takes 7-8 years, Neptune takes 12-13 years, and Pluto 11-32 years.

You can get this full report of all the calculations at Next, Click on click on Extended Chart Selection. Click on Guest Users and enter your data. Then, click on the section tab label Pullen/Astrolog. Select Chart Type as Simple Chart Delineation by Walter Pullen. Finally click the “Click here to show the chart” and then scroll all the way till you see a chart like the one above.

As you can see the chart and the overall report gives an in detail calculation of your chart. It displays the greatest influence by ranking it from 1 (the most influence) to 12 (least impact) on the planets as well as the signs. According to my chart, the Sun is rank the highest and has the biggest impact on me which if you remember from the introduction the Sun represents one’s self, ego , and personality. The Sun is my dominant planet. Think of the Leo traits as it is the sign that rules the Sun.

Now to look at the signs, according to my chart Scorpio is rank number 1 which means Scorpio its my dominant sign. This means I will be taking a lot of Scorpio traits. In my case my Sun Sign is my dominant sign. However, this is not always the case. You can also look at it as my dominant sign is Scorpio yet it does not correspond with my dominant planet the Sun as the Sun is ruled my Leo. Aries, will be my second highest followed by the third Aquarius.

Perviously, we talk about the dominant element in the inner planets, now we will look into the elements overall. As seen above my dominant element is fire, followed by water which is almost the same amount is percentage (just a 1.5 % difference). As stated in the introduction if your dominant is fire you will be impulsive, jovial, passionate, go-getter, etc. But, I will say in my case the water element plays a major role as well (as you can see from the chart very slight difference). If your water dominant your intuition and feelings rule over your mind and you will want deep connection in all aspects spiritually including your relationships .

Lastly, your dominant modality can either be fixed, mutable or cardinal. Based on my chart fixed is my dominant modality, followed by cardinal. This means I prefer stability, and can be stagnant, and unforgiving. My second dominant cardinal means wanting to initiate change. But, since its 15.6 % difference I won’t say it is a modality that best suits my everyday lifestyle. I agree that I am more fixed than any other of the other modality as I do not like sudden change than those who are mutable dominant who can adapt very easily. Overall, each of us have some parts of all sign, planet, and modality, but this chart will help you become aware of your which ones is most prominent and which ones are not by its ranking.

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